Through the River, Through the Noise

by Treeless Forest

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released April 10, 2012

'Treeless Forest' es el proyecto solista de Tomas Fernandez Bonilla, de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Producido por Sergei Grosny y Treeless Forest
Mezclado por Carlos Laurenz, Sergei Grosny y Treeless Forest
Mastering: Carlos Laurenz

'Treeless Forest' is the solo project of singer-songwriter and producer Tomas Fernandez Bonilla, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Produced by Sergei Grosny and Treeless Forest
Mixed by Carlos Laurenz, Sergei Grosny and Treeless Forest
Mastering by Carlos Laurenz




all rights reserved


Treeless Forest Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: Doppelgänger
Oh, sailing
on a paper boat,
last night,
I saw my ghost on the shoreline.
I will get there
and share his pain.

(I will share his pain)

I'll find a way through the river
through the noise.

(Turn away,
I must do this on my own).
Track Name: Melipulli
I bought a house by the ocean,
I live on potatoes and crabs.
In the afternoons, I get lonely
but you taught me how to kill time.

I've grown a large beard
where shells get stuck,
I'm covered by sand,
forsaken and drunk.
I have an owl as my pet,
I named him ralph,
we argue every other night
though I know he's always right.
There's a bunch of churches near by,
I plan to set them on fire,
just to see if it rains
and calms down all this desire.
The world ends over here,
the world ends over here.

If I drown in the sea,
how will you remember me?
As the charming boy you once loved,
or as the melancholic basket case I've become.
May be
thats how I'll be
all eternity.
Track Name: Iguazú
Take my hand,
we still got time.
Lets run away
before the break of day,
there's a waterfall
way up north
I always wanted to know.

I'll try to keep an open mind,
this modern times,
they wear me out.
If there's a place in hell for us,
we'll make a heaven of our own.

Violent love,
Indifferent love,
Who wants god
when you've got blood
running through your veins?

I'll go first,
if you need time
to clear your mind,
but don't look back,
don't think we are too young to make it last
and yet too old to take a chance.

I'll wait for you
'till the day you'll be laying in my bed.
Track Name: Wake
Oh, brother can you sleep,
or am I on my own?
Awake, awake.

Oh, this emptiness,
make it stop.

Dry air enfolds me, as
the night embraces me.
You used to say
"How can you be all alone?
Forgive yourself, before you are gone."

Come back,
in the dusk,
You can find me where
the sky falls.
Stars above,
And its getting darker, so come, now.
You come and go,
don't stay too far,
but leave me alone.

Oh, This emptiness.
What's happening to me?
Oh, make it stop.
Make it stop.
Oh, This emptiness.
What's happening to me?
Oh, make it stop.
Just let me be gone.
Oh, This emptiness.
What's happening to me?
Oh, make it stop.

I need some time alone.
Track Name: Puerto Montt
Du får kyssa mig nu.
Kyssa mig nu.